Brad Pitt Seems to Be Aging in Reverse — See His Face Evolve Through the Years

He’s a talented actor, sure, but Brad Pitt‘s boyish good looks definitely helped him along in his career. So it wouldn’t be surprising if the 54-year-old Oscar nominee, hoping to preserve his handsomeness, went under the needle.

brad pitt 2003 vs 2017 getty images

If Brad did get some cosmetic enhancement, New Jersey-based plastic surgeon Dr. Steve Fallek — who has not treated the actor — is impressed with the work. “His forehead looks smoother, so most likely he got Botox,” he says, adding, “He also looks to have had some filler in the cheeks and around the mouth to improve those lines, a laser or peel to improve skin texture, and maybe some filler in the lower eye area.”

Believe it or not, the War Machine actor has indeed gotten visibly older over the years. You can see for yourself — we’ve included one photo from each of the past 15 years in the photo gallery below.