Sure, Sex and the City had shoes and fabulous fashion, but it also had great friendships.

And in a new interview, Sarah Jessica Parker says she feels women of today have let those gentle relationships go out the door.

“It’s kind of surprising to say, but in a way it was a more innocent time,” she shares.

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“I think so much reality television – and the women that dominate culture today – are pretty unfriendly towards one another. They use language that’s really objectionable and cruel and not supportive.”

That language was something that never factored into the relationships between Carrie Bradshaw (SJP), Charlotte York (Kristin Davis), Miranda Hobbs (Cynthia Nixon), and Samantha Jones (Kim Cattrall).

“I like to remember that Carrie and the other women in Sex and the City were really nice to each other,” the mother-of-three says proudly.

“That was the bigger picture.”

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SJP even admits she avoids the Internet at all costs because of the negativity.

“I don’t read anything. I don’t Google myself. Good God, no! I have absolutely no constitution for that. I’m curious about everything except what people have to say about me,” she explains in the April issue of Harper’s Bazaar UK.


“It’s the random cruelty I really don’t understand. It’s not good for us. I don’t know, you know, how we go back in time to a better place.”

But she'll always have fond memories of playing Carrie for six seasons and two movies, especially because of the character’s loyalty to her girlfriends.

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“She was a deeply devoted friend and I think women really respond to that kind of connection,” says Matthew Broderick’s leading lady.

“I think we all want it, we all work towards having it, and we’re not always the very best friends we can be.”