If you were distracted by the cheesy, gooey sausage tacos in the Netflix movie The Half of It, you’re not alone. Actor Daniel Diemer, who plays high school jock Paul Munsky, exclusively dishes to Life & Style his upgraded way of making the quirky food from the movie. “I do love my perfection of the recipe. So, hopefully, if there’s a sequel, I can show that out to everybody,” he teases.

“On set, we had a bunch of incredible cooks,” the 23-year-old explains about the creation of the sausage taco. However, he’s made his own version at home with his girlfriend and boosted the dish using a combination of hard and soft taco shells. “In the movie, it’s just soft shells, but we do a hard shell and then we put a soft shell. And, we put it in the microwave with some cheese. So, we wrap it around so you have that crunch but it keeps it together,” Daniel continues.

Daniel Diemer Shares Sausage Taco Recipe from The Half of It
Netflix / KC Bailey

Of course, it’s all about the layering. “I put some guacamole with some cracked black pepper and some sea salt. Put the sausage on top with a bunch of spices,” the actor adds. To finish it off, Daniel adds “some nice kind of fresh garnish with some tomato and cabbage” and tops it off with “sour cream and a chipotle mayo.” Are you drooling yet?

The Half of It, which drops on Netflix on Friday, May 1, is about the unlikely events that follow after a shy, introverted Ellie Chu (Leah Lewis) agrees to write love letters for Paul to a popular girl named Aster Flores (Alexxis Lemire) in exchange for cash. Daniel notes that he hopes the “message of love” resonates with viewers. He says, “All these different types of love — platonic, romantic, family. And, how just being able to be there for somebody and caring for them as a person is just such an important thing no matter where they are [or] where they come from.”

Daniel Diemer Paul Runs With Leah Lewis Ellie Chu in Netflix Movie The Half of It

As far as his character, Daniel confesses he’s “very much” like Paul. “I think academically, I might do a little bit better than Paul, but in the very heart of who he is, so much of him is why I loved the character in the first place,” the actor acknowledges. “I dream big, I’m constantly searching, I think, obviously, I make my own mistakes and I have struggled with — especially in high school — with women and how to talk to girls that I had crushes on. But, I think this constant searching for trying to be a better person and be the best version of myself is something I related to.”

Don’t miss The Half of It premiering May 1 on Netflix.