Even before it was announced that Hoda Kotb would be joining Savannah Guthrie as the Today’s newest co-anchor, Life & Style knew the pair were a match made in rating’s heaven! Ahead of the news that Hoda will permanently replace a disgraced Matt Lauer, a source opened up to Life & Style about how she was a natural fit to share the small screen with Savannah.

“[Savannah and Hoda] are the epitome of warm, congenial co-hosts,” the source raved of the duo. “They play off each other’s thoughts, sentences, and stories beautifully.” And the proof is in the pudding for NBC execs, as their Today colleague Megyn Kelly has had increased ratings on her 9 a.m. show, Megyn Kelly Today, since Hoda has taken for Matt.

Apparently there’s one person who is less than thrilled with all the success — and that would be Matt Lauer (despite Kathie Lee Gifford’s claims that he is happy for Hoda). The source continued, “The word is that Matt is not taking the news that Today is thriving in the ratings well at all. It’s believed he is a lonely, beaten man who is ashamed and in exile.” With that information, he probably would be especially upset to know that not only is he responsible for bringing NBC’s new “dream team” together, but the pair also seemingly bonded over his dismissal.

“[Savannah and Hoda] have not only held things together since Matt’s firing, but done great work together,” an insider told Life & Style exclusively. “They’ve always loved each other, but Savannah and Hoda are spending more time talking when the cameras aren’t rolling than they ever have. Matt’s downfall has forged a deeper friendship between the two.”

And it’s been clear that if they can make it through this, they really can handle anything. “There’s been a lot of pressure on them,” said a friend, of TV’s new dynamic duo. “And Savannah says Hoda has been her rock, basiclly helping her stay sane during a crazy time.”

We can’t wait to see how successful the two moms will be in 2018. You got this, ladies!

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