Say yes to the waterworks! Happy tears are pretty common on TLC's hit reality TV series Say Yes to the Dress: Atlanta, and tonight's episode is sure to be an emotional one. Bride Alyssa has been battling kidney disease for three years, but her loving fiancé Kevin selflessly participated in the Kidney Exchange Program so that she could undergo a kidney transplant. Now that her health has been improving, Kevin thought it would be the perfect time to start focusing on planning their wedding, so he teamed up with Monte Durham and Lori Allen for a special surprise to get the bridal ball rolling — by setting up a Bridals by Lori pop up shop in a location near the hospital. Watch the video above to see our exclusive sneak peek!

As a guise, Kevin used one of his checkup appointments at the hospital to surprise Alyssa. When Lori and Monte walked into the room instead of Kevin's doctor, Alyssa could not control her emotions.

"Okay, I shoudn’t have rolled the chair back because I need to sit down," Alyssa said and she immediately started to hold back tears. Even though she watches Say Yes to the Dress: Atlanta all the time, she never expected a surprise like this.

"We have heard your story, Kevin has shared it with us, and how touched we are," Monte said, choking up too. "And we know you really haven’t had time or the ability to shop for a wedding dress. Well, we’re here to shop with you."

“Alyssa, today is your day. We’re going to find you to find you the most fabulous wedding dress you have ever seen,” Lori said. Lori revealed that they brought the Bridals by Lori store to Alyssa, and Alyssa couldn't help but cry tears of joy.

"Coming into the appointment today, I was really just focused on Kevin. We’re going to make sure that the labs come back good, his kidney is working well," Alyssa said in her confessional. "So, classic Kevin, he turns around the day and it’s on me!"

Be sure to catch Say Yes to the Dress: Atlanta, airing Saturdays at 8 p.m. on TLC.