Who doesn’t love a visionary? Scott Disick visited Khloé Kardashian’s house and gave her some tips on how to vamp up her backyard. In a teaser clip for an upcoming episode of Flip It Like Disick, the 36-year-old showed off his talent when he told Koko, 35, what part of her pool needs a redesign. “This house is a paradise. But the pool is outdated,” he told the Good American founder, to which she agreed. “I think there’s somebody that can come in, demo all the coping, like these big pieces and perfect it somehow.”

From there, Scott informed Khloé that she would need a permit to make the renovations, which led her to ask him to take on the project himself. Unfortunately, Scott was hesitant about the idea of mixing business and pleasure.

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“I don’t really love getting involved with family,” he said, which prompted Khlo to ask him “Why not? You get involved in anything else I do.” It’s true. The two are best friends. He even brought the blonde beauty food when she wasn’t feeling well, as seen in her Instagram video posted on Monday, September 16. Therefore, it doesn’t come as a surprise for Koko to trust him to remodel her backyard. Nonetheless, Scott wasn’t crazy about the idea. “Yeah, but that’s different. This type of stuff is too much,” he continued. “I don’t want to ruin the sisterhood of traveling pants.”

When it comes to his family, Scott is very caring about those he loves. Aside from being close to his ex Kourtney Kardashian’s sisters. He has a very close relationship with his children. The Kaplan twins, which are made up of Lexi Kaplan and Allie Kaplan — recently gushed about Scott as a dad.

“He is a really great father,” the 26-year-old sisters exclusively revealed to Life & Style. “He is just honestly a nice guy. I remember we were talking a lot — Penelope had some recital she was going to. He was so excited. He was talking about the dress, and she was going back and forth about the dress she wanted.” The twins appeared in the September 15 episode of Flip It Like Disick, which means they got to see firsthand what Scott is like. TBH, who isn’t a fan of the lord?