Oh, boy! Sean Lowe took to Twitter on Thursday, March 8, to update fans on wife Catherine Lowe’s second pregnancy. While the former Bachelor star, 34, previously said that he and Catherine, 31, are waiting to learn the sex of their baby, he seemed to let it slip that they’re expecting a boy after referring to their bundle of joy as a “he.”

“Catherine said the baby was kicking. I crouched down next to her tummy and told the baby if he kicks his mother again, he’ll be sent to his womb,” the hunky reality TV alum joked. “Catherine didn’t laugh and I’m certain she regrets marrying me.”

Back in November, the duo announced they are expecting their second child together — and in an exclusive interview with Life & Style, the couple, who tied the knot in 2014 and are parents to a one-year-old son, Samuel, opened up about her second pregnancy.

“Catherine — funny story. After we got engaged, which was after The Bachelor which was almost five years ago, Catherine started compiling a list of names just because she likes to do that kind of stuff. Samuel was on that list, and we’ve got a lot of good options on this list she’s curated. We’ll probably choose one of them, but we’re keeping it hush hush for now,” Sean shared when asked about baby names.

Though Sean seems certain that he and Catherine are having another little boy, the pair told Life & Style that they didn’t want to find out their unborn child’s sex before the birth. “We’re old school,” he continued. “I don’t care at this point, I don’t think Catherine does either. I think if we had two boys close in age, that could be a really fun dynamic. Ultimately, we’d probably end up adopting a girl or trying to have a girl for a third child — but either way I think it’s going to be great. I think I’d like to see a little girl look like Catherine, since Sam has the blonde features and kind of my coloring — although his face does look like Catherine’s. I’d love to see a little dark-haired girl if possible, then again, like I said, it would fun to have two boys close in age.”

Catherine is having a relatively easy time with her pregnancy this time around — and admitted that she’s “rarely noticed” that she’s with child. “I don’t have cravings, I’m not really showing, I never had morning sickness — probably the only thing that is really something that [makes] me tell that I’m pregnant is my boobs hurt,” she shared.

Life & Style spoke with the stars in part of their partnership with Bertolli Rustic Cut sauces. “We’ve really loved working with Bertolli and just Bertolli making our lives so easy, especially in this stage of our lives with Catherine being pregnant and having a toddler,” Sean explained. “The Bertolli rustic cut sauce [makes it] super simple to make like a really delicious, healthy meal. It’s really easy to make dinner in a short amount of time, a delicious dinner. It’s something Samuel and I both love and most importantly, it doesn’t require Catherine to put in too much work since she’s got everything going on.”

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