Were you an ‘NSync fan? Please, we already know you were, but we wonder if you could answer any of these hard-hitting trivia questions about the group. You just might do a better job than former member Joey Fatone, who sat down exclusively with Life & Style to chat about his new show Common Knowledge and answer some q’s about his time with one of the world’s best boybands. Watch the video above to see how Joey did with our trivia questions and don’t forget to subscribe to our YouTube Channel!

When the 42-year-old singer got started on his ‘trivial pursuit,’ he lead us all to believe he was going to knock the whole thing out of the park. When the first question was asked (“What is the most memed ‘NSync song?”), he answered in a flash of lightning (“It’s Gonna Be Me”).

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He really had us thinking he was going to dominate this game. Joey barely even hesitated with the first handful of questions. He even came through and hit us with some juicier info when asked “What song did JC Chasez hump the floor to during ‘NSync’s concerts?” Thank you very much, sir, for confirming to the world that the song was, in fact, “Digital Get Down,” for anyone who never got the chance to see the group live.

But then the dad-of-two started to falter when it came to questions involving record sales and other numerical figures. He admitted he’s not particularly good with “number things,” but it’s pretty adorable to see him give it an honest try. He even had a difficult time remembering which singles dropped off the No Strings Attached album, y’all. But as he said in the vid, “This was 20 years ago, people!”

Despite ramping up to a good game, Joey does fall a little bit flat at one point. He probably didn’t do exactly as well as he hoped, but you win some and lose some in this life. Between the hilarious screw-ups and the really insightful tidbits, this dude totally gave us some boyband gold. So, we’d call that one a win.