OMG, we are living for this ‘NSync tea right now. Even though the band hasn’t been together for quite some time, Joey Fatone revealed exclusively to Life & Style that the boy band still keeps in touch with a group chat. Watch the video above to learn more about what the dad-of-two is up to now, and don’t forget to subscribe to our YouTube Channel.

Of course, everyone wants to know what the men talk about these days. “I don’t think it’s going to say much,” the Common Knowledge host, 42, confessed to us. “Happy New Year, gents. Enjoy!” one text read. Another said, “Hey, JC, you in Florida? If you’re here, we will grab a few days — let’s go out.” Chris Kirkpatrick chimed in and said, “Happy New Year” with a heart. It sounds like this friendship is still strong as ever.

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JC’s 40th… And, if you don’t know now you know…

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So, can we expect a reunion in the future? “I say, never say never,” the Brooklyn native spilled. But don’t get too excited just yet. “It’s one of those things where, I think it’s never really been approached to us. It really hasn’t. Everyone has their own lives and own things. I am doing Common Knowledge, Justin Timberlake is on tour, Chris is being a dad, JC Chasez is writing and producing music and Lance Bass has a new drink or something like that and has a radio show. Right now, it’s not even a thought.” This is not the news that we were hoping for, but we are still thinking that there could be an opportunity down the line.

The five members reunited in April 2018 when they were honored with a star on the Hollywood Walk of Fame, and fans were stoked to see them back together. Even Joey couldn’t even believe how loyal their followers have been over the years.

“So many people came to see [us] and I was shocked,” he said. “It’s just weird to me. It’s amazing there is still love out there, and we haven’t put anything out there, nor have we really been together and performing — it’s crazy. So, thank you to all the fans that do do that, I appreciate it.”

NSYNC at the Hollywood Walk of fame
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Well, we will just be over here *praying* that an ‘NSync announcement happens sooner than later.