When it comes to 90s boy bands nobody did it better than NSYNC. We know what you may be thinking, “What about Backstreet Boys, Hanson, or 98 degrees?” Nope, nope, and definitely nope. NSYNC will forever be the best, case closed. Question is, do the five members of the once world-famous group still talk? As it turns out, yes they do!

Speaking exclusively with Life & Style, former NSYNC member Joey Fantone revealed that the guys absolutely keep in touch. In fact, they’re all still in business together. How amazing! 

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“Yep! Yeah, we still do because we have to do a merch deal right now with a company called Epic. We put out a holiday one most recently and we did another capsule,” Joey said. “We’ll be doing another one with old school, throwback ideas, and merch stuff. It’s kind of fun. We’ve all been on the emails and we talk about it,” the 41-year-old continued.

Joey noted that while the band talks often, it’s not about the past! “We’re not talking about music or anything else, we’re just talking about merch — which has been fun, though, because we’re still talking to each other.” Ummm, OK, that’s definitely tearin’ up our hearts a little bit. “We still text message and do group texts. We text and email each other when any holiday comes by,” the now-father-of-two concluded.

As far as who Joey chats with the least outside of the group chat? Well, it’s Justin Timberlake… but for good reason! “He’s been home working on his voice,” he said referring to Justin’s bruised vocal cords that have caused him to have to postpone a string of dates on his tour. “So, I legitimately haven’t been talking to him because he can’t talk to anybody because he doesn’t have a voice,” Joey expressed. How sad! We hope he gets better soon.

Want to see more from Joey? Check out his new series, Common Knowledge, premiering Monday, January 14th at 5:30 p.m. ET and will air weeknights Monday-Friday on Game Show Network.

Reporting By Diana Cooper.