Her fight isn’t over yet. Selena Gomez shocked the world when she revealed that she’d undergone a kidney transplant. Her fans and followers had no idea that the “Fetish” singer had major surgery recently. She understandably wanted to keep her health matters private while she recovered — but, doctors exclusively revealed to Life & Style that Selena still has a long battle ahead of her.

“People recover and go back to work,” New York City lupus expert and rheumatologist Dr. Robert
Fafalak, who doesn’t treat Selena, told Life & Style, “but running around, being up all night, that’s not something I would advise. It takes time for the kidney, which filters a lot of waste products in the body, to start working fully.”

Considering Selena is a global superstar, it must be hard for her to slow down her fast-paced life — she’s already working on another movie. Plus, when she’s not filming, she’s running around attending events and making appearances. But, doctors explained that because she needed a transplant that means her lupus diagnosis is rather serious.

“Other organs, like the lungs, can become involved,” he noted. “Your lifespan when you have something like this could potentially be shortened.” He added that just because her transplant is working now doesn’t promise it will last in her body. “There’s definitely reports that after several years, transplants just wear out. [But] it really is variable from person to person.”

Thankfully, for Selena, she doesn’t just have millions of fans supporting her from afar, she also has her boyfriend taking care of her. The Weeknd recently moved into her New York City apartment in order to be closer to her. “He’s been a tower of strength for Selena,” a source said. “The operation has really brought them closer together.” We’re rooting for you, Selena!

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