Things are about to get real messy on the Real Housewives of Potomac! Gizelle Bryant just split up from her boo Sherman Douglas, but the drama between them is just beginning and it’s all thanks to Gizelle’s RHOP co-stars Monique Samuels and Karen Huger. Both ladies decided it would be a good idea to bring Sherman’s ex-wife Kyndall Douglas into the mix, and Kyndall has been spilling all kinds of tea about Gizelle’s ex-man, includng his alleged “park after dark” incident. Keep reading below to find out more about the drama between Gizelle, Sherman, and Sherman’s ex-wife Kyndall!

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Sherman’s “park after dark” incident is what led to his divorce.

Earlier this season, during a dinner date with co-star Ashley Darby, Monique revealed the candid details about Sherman’s indiscretions when it came to other women while he was married. His ex-wife Kyndall told Monique that Sherman allegedly got arrested because he was “creeping” in a park at night time with someone who was not his wife.

“He was with a girl, she was performing a job, the police came and tapped on the window and he got arrested,”Monique said. “So that’s how his wife found out that he was cheating on her.”

Even though Monique said that’s what Kyndall told her, there is really no evidence or proof online that Sherman was arrested because of the “park after dark” incident, but if he did, it wouldn’t be Sherman’s first brush with the law.

Sherman doesn’t seem to have changed since his divorce.

Kyndall also said that one of the hardest things about being married to Sherman was because he struggled with communication, which is almost exactly why Gizelle decided to split from him.

Karen invites Kyndall to an event with Gizelle.

During dinner with withe her co-star Robyn Dixon, Gizelle said that Karen did text her to let her know that Sherman’s ex-wife would be at the event — and Gizelle made it clear that she thinks Karen is an “a–hole” for doing such a shady thing.

“Sherman and I just broke up,” Gizelle said. “The feelings are still raw so to bring around his ex-wife shows me that Karen’s really not a good friend.” Fans will have to wait til next week to find out how this plays out!