"I'm Frankenstein"Singer Pete Burns Admits to Getting Over 300 Procedures to Fix Botched Plastic Surgery

Plastic surgery-obsessed singer Pete Burns reveals on an upcoming episode of Celebrity Botched Up Bodies that his quest for physical perfection has resulted in over 300 procedures.

"I hope when I’m 80 and I get to heaven, God doesn’t recognize me," the Dead or Alive frontman admits. "I’ve got staples, nuts, bolts, stitches, the whole lot. I’m Frankenstein."

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But a majority of the surgeries have been performed to fix a botched nose job and a lip augmentation gone horribly wrong.


In fact, the 57-year-old underwent 200 procedures in the span of just two years after filler injected into his pout began spreading all over his body.

"I’ve had a major operation a week for two years to remove it from my cheeks where it had migrated, my Adam’s apple, the back of my eyes," he explains. "They couldn’t do anything about the liver and the kidneys. I had to excrete that out."

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Despite his horrible experiences, Pete vows he'll never stop going under the knife. "People might think I’m the ugliest son of a b–ch alive, but I want to maintain this appearance," he says.

Scroll through the gallery below to see his transformation over the years!