In the latest issue, on newsstands now, Life & Style goes behind the scenes of 90’s hit show Sister, Sister with exclusive interviews from the show’s creator, director, and make up artist – who reveal that Tia Mowry and Tamera Mowry weren’t your average teenagers!

“The chemistry between them was really good,” Sister, Sister director Art Dielhenn tells Life & Style. It was so strong, the series — about adopted twins who are separated at birth and find each other as preteens — was created specifically for the Mowry girls, says the show’s creator, Kim Bass.

On set, Tia and Tamera, who played odd-couple twins also named Tia and Tamera, never fought. “They finished each other’s sentences,” Kim reveals. “They knew what each other thought and they could answer questions for one another.”

“Tamera was a little more of a clown, and Tia was a bit more serious,” just like the characters they played. In fact, the girls actually picked their roles. “They decided which one they would have more fun playing,” Bass explains to Life & Style.

For more behind the scenes secrets from Sister, Sister, pick up the latest issue of Life & Style magazine, on newsstands now!

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