Can someone give this poor girl a hand?! Sofia Richie spent new New Year’s enjoying a luxurious vacation in Aspen, Colorado with boyfriend Scott Disick and some pals, but on January 2 she experienced the less glamorous side of living in a chilly climate firsthand. The stunning 21-year-old took to Instagram Stories to document her struggles trying to clear the snow off of her huge Range Rover — no easy feat when you’re just 5-foot-6 and grew up in sunny California. Watch the hilarious video above!

Sofia began her Stories with the caption “s–t,” as she shows about a foot of snow on top of her car, and opened the door only to have a bunch of the white stuff fall on her expensive leather seats. “My hand is frozen,” Sof complains as she uses the scraper side (instead of the brush side) of the snow remover tool to remove snow from the back window.

“I’m gonna leave the snow on top because I’m really into it,” she giggles. Luckily for Colorado, it’s okay to leave snow on your car unless it obstructs your view or flies off and hurts someone, but in other states, she could face a major fine! It definitely could have been tougher for Sofia — this snowstorm only left fluffy debris — but we’re glad she got on the road with minimal disruptions!