Too sweet! Sofia Richie posted a photo with her close family friend Paris Hilton on Instagram and the two starlets look stunning. The ladies seem to spend a good amount of time together and obviously enjoy each other’s company. Lately, they’ve been running in an even closer social circle since Sofia started dating Scott Disick and Paris is a close friend of Kim Kardashian. Calabasas really is a small world.

The 20-year-old model wrote “Sis” with a red heart emoji on the cute snap of her and the heiress, 38. Somehow, their skin is literally glowing and poreless in the dark lighting of the photo. Sofia can be seen looking lovingly at her pal as the two smiled together. The pic was originally posted by a fan account but obviously, the two celebs liked it so much they reposted it themselves.

Sofia Richie and Paris Hilton

Sofia’s sister, Nicole Richie, and Paris have been friends since childhood and starred in the hit reality show The Simple Life together. Although they had a falling out back in 2005, the pair reconnected and are seemingly still in good graces.

“Paris is somebody that’s been in my life since day one,” Nicole, 37, told Andy Cohen during an episode of Watch What Happens Live. “An idea of a true friend is somebody that’s going to be there with you through and through. I haven’t spoken to her in a while, but we are very good friends. I love her and I love her family. I have a lot of respect for her.”

Paris Hilton Nicole Richie
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When the adopted daughter of Lionel Richie turned 36, Paris wrote on Instagram, “I will always think of you as a sister and think of you often. Love and miss you.” Aw!

Obviously, if Paris and Nicole have been in each other’s lives since childhood, it’s no surprise that Sofia would be equally close to the Hilton family.