We see you, girl! Sofia Richie made the most delicious looking dinner and took a much-deserved moment to appreciate it. She shared her hard work on Instagram and we’re sad our invite got lost in the mail. It looks like the starlet went all out and made a huge spread for her guests.

“Dinner by me,” the 20-year-old captioned a video on her Instagram Story of the neatly set table on April 15. There were all sorts of snacks and dishes assembled including noodles, meat and a great variety of chips and dip. The fireplace and television were both on and it looked like her supper companions were in store for a cozy night. There were five plates ready for hungry guests but it looked like no one had arrived yet.

Sofia Richie dinner instagram story
Photo courtesy of Sofia Richie Instagram

Considering the model isn’t afraid to show her toned physique in itty bitty bikinis and tummy-baring workout clothes, it’s not surprising that she probably does a lot of cooking at home. Although she loves to flaunt her curves, you won’t catch her posting about her boyfriend, Scott Disick, very often.

Scott Disick jeans and jacket Sofia Richie green romper blonde hair
Joe Scarnici / Getty Images

“I think a lot of people think they have to prove their relationships through social media and I’m just happy being private about my relationship,” the daughter of Lionel Richie said during an interview with Tatler that was published on February 22. “It’s not like I won’t post pictures about it, but I like having my little private life.”

The gorgeous gal lives a low-key life and that’s how she likes it. She noted, “I‘m not a party girl and I really don’t like the paparazzi.” Surprisingly, she’s even toned down her former party boy beau, 36. “Whatever we do, whether it’s going to the cinema or dinner, we’ll always just end up going home and watching a movie after,” she revealed.

A comfy night at home in sweats with a great dinner actually sounds amazing so we don’t blame her!