It is hard to believe that it has been eight years since Spartacus and his band of gladiators came to life on our television screens. Despite the tragic loss of its star Andy Whitfield in Season 1, the Starz drama continued captivating audiences for three seasons and a prequel mini-series thanks in large part to its supporting cast members.

Lucy Lawless stood out on the series as Lucretia, the ride-or-die wife of lanista Quintus Lentulus Batiatus. At the time, she knew the role would be compared to her famed portrayal of Xena: Warrior Princess, but she didn't see it that way. "I think it’s just that she becomes more Machiavellian as things go against her and her husband. She thinks she’s right all the time. She’s forced to do these terrible things. She knows they’re not okay, but she doesn’t have any choice," she said in 2009.

"If someone does something to upset the family business, her husband, and the gladiator thing, then somebody has to die for it. She’s going to enable and cover and carry it off. She really shores up her husband no matter what. She’s survival of the fittest. And she loves her husband. The fact that they’re so damn dysfunctional it just adds a twist to the drama."

Today, Lucy, who turns 50 on March 29, continues to be a fearless female on the Starz horror series Ash vs Evil Dead as Ruby Knowby. "The show is violent. I’ve not shied away from violence in my life because that’s some of the more intense parts of human nature and the human experience," she told Rotten Tomatoes. "We’re not making a bloody sitcom here. We are nasty, we are distasteful and very, very funny. If you don’t like these things, it’s best you stay away."

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And she's not alone. Many of the Spartacus alums continue to dominate on the big and small screens outside the ludus but luckily for us you can still watch binge-watch the gladiators on Starz Play and Netflix as well. Check out the gallery to see where your favorite character is today!