A glimpse at their future! Summer House stars Carl Radke and Lindsay Hubbard gush about their upcoming marriage and plans to expand their family during an exclusive interview with Life & Style

“I would love to start trying for a baby as soon as we get married!” Lindsay, 36, says, while Carl, 38, agrees that it’s best for them to expand their family “after” they tie the knot. “We are ready to start that next chapter in our lives, and I’m hoping (and praying) that we will be able to do it quickly!” Lindsay adds. 

Season 7 of Summer House, which airs on Mondays on Bravo at 9 p.m. ET, has made the couple’s romance a central storyline. The reality TV stars confirmed in the February 13 premiere that they had moved in together. 

The Hubb House PR founder tells Life & Style the season is “full of surprises” and has quite a bit of “drama.” 

“The stakes are higher than ever this season because it’s the OGs and the cracks in our foundation as friends that dominate the summer,” Lindsay teases. 

Although the series may be jam-packed with conflict, Summer House is the reason Lindsay and Carl met in season 1 and eventually fell in love. When it comes to knowing how they found “the one” in each other, Carl gushes that he “knew” when he “finally got to visit her parents in Florida for Easter last year.” 

Summer House Season 7
Charles Sykes/Bravo

“Seeing where she came from and her roots was really powerful and beautiful,” Carl says. 

As for Lindsay, she admits that while she “can’t remember the exact date that this sentiment popped into [her] head,” she recalls one day “when [they] were just friends” where she realized, “I cannot live without Carl in my life.”  

“And I think that’s the moment I realized I had been in denial this whole time thinking he was anything but ‘the one!’” she says, adding that the future spouses would “hopefully” have their wedding venue and date set soon. 

“If everything goes to plan, we will be getting married this coming fall on a beach!” Lindsay reveals. 

In January 2022, Carl confirmed that he and Lindsay were dating, gushing to Us Weekly at the time, “I’m happy to report, we are dating, and things are really good. We’re very happy. She’s someone that’s been an incredible support and part of my life [for years].”

The two started out as friends when the long-running series premiered in 2017. Two years later, fans watched as the pair started leaning toward a romance when they revealed that they had hooked up over the summer of 2019. Carl’s issues with alcohol became a roadblock for the duo in season 4 of Summer House, however, preventing them from starting a full-on relationship at the time. 

Since the show features the cast members drinking from time to time, Carl admits to Life & Style, “Being sober in the house can be challenging, and it takes work, but being sober has given me a new lease on life and allowed me to be present and more balanced.” 

“If I was still drinking and partying, I don’t even know if I would still be around for Summer House,” he continues. “So, it’s a gift to be able to be sober and still show the audience you can have a good time and be social without drinking! I also have found so many [non-alcoholic] beverages to enjoy that I don’t feel left out either!”

Summer House airs on Mondays on Bravo at 9 p.m. ET.