Danielle Olivera was a shoulder to lean on for Lindsay Hubbard during season 8 of Summer House, and the Donne cofounder exclusively tells Life & Style where their friendship stands today.

“I think I took a step back a little bit after episode two. I think it was when she threw me under the bus. And I really didn’t love – it just said a lot for me,” Danielle, 35, tells Life & Style of Lindsay’s oncamera conversation with Paige DeSorbo. “So, we’re good. We’re on good terms. We’re texting, it’s a little bit lighter. You know – the sisterhood is not there. We just have a different relationship now and I think that’s the one that both of us are most comfortable with.”

Summer House’s Danielle Olivera and Lindsay Hubbard Friendship
Summer House’s Danielle Olivera and Lindsay Hubbard Friendship

After arriving at the Hamptons house during episode 2 of Summer House season 8, Lindsay, 37, had a reconnecting moment with Danielle. The two feuded the season prior and their then-strong bond weakened as Danielle wasn’t fond of Lindsay’s then-relationship with fiancé Carl Radke.

Soon after Lindsay’s conversation with Danielle, the PR guru had a separate chat with Paige, 31, and told her that Danielle leaked a negative story about Paige’s boyfriend, Craig Conover.

“You think that I’ve done stuff in the past that I haven’t done,” Lindsay told Paige during the third episode of season 8. “Like, you think I leaked that story about Craig, and it was Danielle.”

Meanwhile, Danielle and Lindsay continued to strengthen their relationship. During the season finale, Danielle opened her apartment to her costars Paige, Amanda, 32, Ciara Miller, and Gabby Prescod to support Lindsay after Carl called off their engagement.

Although Danielle’s feelings were hurt after watching Lindsay throw her under the bus on camera, the New Jersey native is hopeful they will “grow” together again. The women are in Italy for former costar Andrea Denver’s wedding to Lexi Sundin and Danielle admits that “could change a lot of things.”

“You know, maybe just a, maybe an international excursion is just what we need to get back to what it once was, but I don’t know yet,” she admits.

Danielle’s friendships with her Summer House costars aren’t the only thing that changed as she underwent a non-invasive AirSculpt body contouring treatment to transform her arms.

“I had a massive insecurity about my arms for basically since college, I would say. Then being on reality TV sometimes doesn’t help at all,” she shares. “So, having that sort of be my problem area for quite a bit of time – and not for lack of trying to change – led me to wanting to pursue AirSculpt.”