Now that My Big Fat Fabulous Life star Buddy Bell has come clean about his struggle with cocaine addiction, Whitney Thore's other best friend Tal Fish is revealing his own journey to recovery. The TLC star opened up about his past with substance abuse, and since he works in the substance abuse field, he had some tips and advice for how Buddy can successfully remain sober after completing rehab.

“I’m a person in long-term recovery myself and I also work in the substance use field,” Tal explained. “In order to achieve and sustain recovery, you have to get help from other people. It’s not a battle that you can fight by yourself.”

On last night's episode, Whitney gathered all of her friends around her kitchen to announce the news about Buddy's struggle with drug addiction and his current rehab stint, and Tal asked about Buddy’s plans for returning back to his normal, everyday life — like if he still planned to live in Whitney’s house. Whitney said she wasn’t sure what Buddy’s plans were but she hoped that he would come back to live with her, and Tal explained why that was a cause for concern.

“What you do when you leave treatment is really important, it can really like make or break your chances of sustaining recovery,” Tal said, and he was especially adamant about the fact that Buddy should not go back to his job as a bartender. “When you get sober, you have to change everything.”

“Who’s to say that he won’t pick back up where he left off if he comes straight back here — I’m a little concerned honestly if that’s his plan,” Tal continued.

Even though Tal did not disclose what substance he is currently in recovery from, he has been open about celebrating his journey. Last April, he shared photos from a party he had to celebrate his second year of sobriety, and he credited his mother with being one of the most supportive people in his recovery.

"I am endlessly grateful for my mother's constant love and support. She has never given up on me and always stuck by me through the bad and the good. I am so glad she was able to share in my sobriety birthday celebration tonight, as she is so much of the reason that I am the man I am today. I love you forever," he wrote on Instagram.

If you or someone you know is struggling with substance abuse, call the Substance Abuse and Mental Health Services Administration’s free and confidential hotline at 1-800-662-HELP.