Hold up, wait a minute. YouTuber Tana Mongeau took to her Instagram Stories to introduce the world to her “son” on February 27 — and needless to say, we’re totally obsessed with the little fur baby in her life. Woof!

“Me and my son,” the blonde beauty, 21, wrote over a cute but silent video clip of herself in an orange sweater with a sweet little puppy on her lap. She could be seen bopping around, possibly to music, and trying to get the dog to look at the camera for her vid. Too cute!


Many fans of the MTV starlet probably know that the prospect of any real-life children is most likely out of the question for her for now — especially with her ex-husbandJake Paul, out of the picture romantically. Though the twosome are still friends, the former Disney star has seemingly moved on with World Series flasher Julia Rose.

And she’s not letting the vlogger’s blossoming new relationship get her down. “I feel like my overall response toward that is always going to be like, ‘If he’s happy, I’m happy for him,’” the bombshell exclusively revealed to Life & Style. “And that’s the way that the cookie is crumbling.”

In fact, she even admitted that she saw it coming. “I just know Jake, I know Jake loves a fun and fresh rotation,” she explained further. “He definitely likes to have fun and I’m not going to sit there and harp on every little thing or person that’s going to walk in and out of his life.”

“Right now, I think that’s, like, for him to focus on and if I were to really read into that. Of course, that’s something, seeing the person that you love with anyone else is hard,” she concluded. “But at the same time, I know the way that Jake kind of processes things and does things, so I’m just letting him do him in a way that makes him happy.”

With this split fresh on the horizon, it sounds like the only children we should be expecting from the reality star are furry ones — at least, for a while.