There has been a lot of controversy surrounding Tarte’s launch of Shape Tape Foundation. The brand’s concealer is one of the most popular in the beauty world, so understandably, when they announced that they would be expanding to foundation, the beauty world freaked. But unfortunately, due to the limited shade range of the product, many YouTubers, and especially women of color, are expressing disappointment with the brand as a whole.

Offering just 15 shades overall, it’s no wonder people across the beauty community are upset. Compared to Rihanna’s Fenty Beauty, which caters to more than 40 different skin shades, it’s clear there was a lot of room to grow. Based on the swatches, it looks like people with darker complexions were an afterthought, as the majority of the shade range is for lighter tones. While the company has announced that they will be releasing more shades, the backlash has been swift.

Popular YouTuber Makeup Shayla took to her channel to do a review of the product. “It’s interesting that there’s so many different shades for lighter skin tones, and then when you get to the deeper skin tones, there’s really only three,” she said while holding up a picture of the range. “They’re missing so many shades. It’s crazy. It blows my mind that these are the three darkest shades…The launch of this foundation just makes me not want to use Tarte, to be honest with you.”

Shayla was hardly the only YouTuber to have this reaction. Jackie Aina and Alissa Ashley teamed up to do a review and had similar sentiments. “This color is a myth,” Jackie said, applying the hydrating foundation to her face. “This looks like an orange filter… What did I do to deserve this?!”

Other online celebs like Laura Lee and James Charles spoke out against the company. “If you haven’t noticed, I won’t be reviewing the Tarte Shape Tape Foundation. Love you guys,” Laura said, pointing to the lack of diversity as the reason. James simply wrote, “This… is disappointing,” alongside a picture of the shades. Well, it’s clear that Tarte has some serious ground to make up. We hope they work towards more inclusivity soon.