Watching a show like The Bachelorette is a total roller coaster of emotions. Sometimes you’re seriously charmed, other times you’re boiling mad, and every now and then you’re even a little heartbroken. On Rachel Lindsay‘s season, it’s been no different. We watched her meet all of the guys on night 0ne as they rolled out of their limos with their props and planned entrances, and since then we’ve watched her get to know — and maybe even start to like! — some of them.

Watching the show, we feel like we’ve already got a pretty good idea of where things are going (uh, hello, Peter, Bryan, and Dean are obviously the top contenders), but this show never fails to surprise us. Luckily, we’ve managed to capture all of those feelings in these six simple charts.

venn diagram of charm the bachelorrette

Let it be said that Rachel Lindsay is the best Bachelorette of all time.

Seriously, she can make even the most dull guy seem interesting. When they’re with her, these guys start to shine — but nobody can hold a candle to Rachel’s light.

who's that bar graph the bachelorette

Hold on, have we ever even seen that guy before?

There comes a time a few episodes in when they cut to one of the guys in the mansion — and we just have absolutely no idea who is. Uh, Jamie? Steve? John? Any of those could be right, honestly. We just don’t even know.

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lee garrett the bachelorette line graph

Buh-Bye Lee.

We can all agree that Lee Garrett is the absolute worst, right? Honestly, we’re shocked he made it this long. Did he ever even have a conversation with Rachel that wasn’t about trashing one of the other guys? Good riddance.

bryan rachel the bachelorette pie chart

Now this is a connection.

Uh, is it just us, or is Rachel totally in love with Bryan? She’d have to be to keep kissing him like this! TBH, it’s a little hard for us at home to watch though. Those kisses may feel good, but they look a little like Bryan is trying to eat her. No thanks.

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contestants gone the bachelorette bar graph

There can only be one winner.

Some of these “losers” are still pretty good — and if we had roses to give, plenty of these guys would get one (Blake K., anybody?). But when it came time for contestants to leave, we actually shed tears over these four. Kenny may have left on his own terms (and we were happy he got to see his daughter again), but we’re still gonna miss him.

Rachel just wasn’t feeling Diggy, and she talked about how hard it was to send Alex home, but he didn’t even get an explanation! When Will didn’t get the rose on the one-on-one, he kept his composure as Rachel walked him out — but we were legit balling.

adam jr. the bachelorette venn diagram

You didn’t get the rose, Adam Jr.!

Why doesn’t this doll respect the rules of the house? He didn’t get the rose on night one — Rachel very specifically called up only Adam and not his mannequin! — and yet he keeps hanging around! Take a hint, Adam Jr. She’s just not that interested.