No matter how universally beloved a social media platform becomes, there’s always room for failure. Ahem, Myspace. Unfortunately, this seems to be the case with Instagram as they contonue facing backlash for their tricky algorithms and controversial moves like testing removing “likes” and preventing feed posts from being shared in Stories. Thankfully, a new app has crashed onto the scene to rescue influencers and average users alike from their Insta-woes. Enter: TheHIVE.

Speaking exclusively with Life & Style, TheHIVE developer, Kassandra, detailed the various ins and outs of how the network operates. “HIVE is oriented [around] the user experience through a chronological order feed that maximizes content engagement,” she began, noting that the app includes “the ability to select multiple songs for a more personalized profile that will play when users visit your page, liking, commenting and reposting content.”

The emphasis on “liking” and a chronologically ordered feed definitely puts TheHIVE a step above Instagram as of late, but that’s certainly not the only thing. “Our GIFs feature adds a nice touch to status posts, too! We have a list of additional new fun features to add in future updates. We do also encourage user feedback so we can listen and make updates you’ll actually love and that will enhance your experience with HIVE!” Kassandra continued.

“It looks like we’re doing something right, too, because my Twitter actually glitched and froze due to all the notifications about HIVE,” she explained. “Plus, our user base is continuously expanding! We grew by 2,000 users in just two days and are continuing to grow rapidly.”

Aside from the fun-filled features, HIVE places an emphasis on diversity. HIVE is really a place where everyone is welcome, so we want to attract everyone from all communities — the everyday person to bloggers for travel, food, beauty, cars, etc., to small businesses and big brands. Whatever your interests are —  if they fall within our Community Guidelines designed to keep HIVE safe and respectful — you’ll have a space with us,” Kassandra expressed. 

As it stands, HIVE is only available for Apple users. However, Kassandra assured that the platform will be available on Android soon if their explosive growth keeps going. 

We look forward to watching TheHIVE takeover continue!