Welp, it's a third girl for the Shocklee family!

Late last year, the Nashville family's baby announcement went viral after they recorded a parody to Megan Trainor's "These Lips Are Moving," called "Our Family's Growin." And now, they've recorded another video for the gender reveal!

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In the first half of the video, the musically talented family, which already consists of two little girls, parodies Justin Bieber's "What Do You Mean?" and turns it into "What Do You Think?" – with the chorus pondering whether their new child will be a girl or boy. In the last half of the clip, they find out it's a girl, which prompts a pretty shocked reaction from the dad.

"There's no way!" the dad says over and over again. "I cannot believe this. I'm going to have three girls – what am I going to do with myself?!"

Check out his shocked reaction below (it starts at 1:35).