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11 Times Toby from ‘The Office’ Understood What It’s Like to Have the Worst Day

To most people, Toby Flenderson was the weird HR guy who secretly crushed on Pam and constantly drove Michael Scott up the wall (for, well, existing). But to us, he was a mild-mannered fellow with a troubled past and, unfortunately, the worst luck.

If you really think about it, the average person’s worst day is nothing compared to what Toby has been through on The Office. From his unfortunate zip-lining accident to Michael and Dwight's attempt to set him up, it was almost as if he were living in his own version of hell (and the fact that he quietly lingered in the background didn't help matters).

But while he was often pegged as the most forgettable character of the bunch, he was actually one of our favorites — and by far one of the most underrated people on the show. Yes, his voice could probably put you to sleep in seconds and he did tend to be a buzzkill at parties sometimes. However, we’re not quick to forget that this is the same Toby who was kind enough to lend an ear whenever his team needed to vent. And of course, who can forget about his wise quotes when he led an entire seminar on self-defense?

So yes, it's safe to say that the HR rep was more than Michael's stress trigger. But unfortunately, this didn't prevent him from having awful days that made us all want to give him a hug.

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