We are officially one month into 2018 — and making it to the gym might be getting harder and harder as the excitement of the new year wears off. However, if you made fitness one of your resolutions, Tone It Up girls Karena Dawn and Katrina Scott have the tips you need to hit your goals.

“One of the most powerful things you can do is write down your goals and intentions,” Katrina told Life & Style exclusively. “Putting pen to paper is more powerful than you know! I always write down my goals in the front of my yearly planner. That way, I’m reminded of them every day!”

Her longtime partner and co-founder Karena agreed and suggested avoiding secrecy when it comes to your resolutions. “It’s also really helpful to share your goals with a friend or loved one so you can hold each other accountable and work toward your goals together,” she explained.

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Karena and Katrina, who recently kicked off their Love Your Body Series with Kohl’s with a mega workout in Santa Monica on Jan. 13, know what they are talking about. With Tone It Up, the fitness gurus created a community of women who inspire each other on a daily basis to work harder and live their best lives. Encouraging followers to exercise their minds, bodies, and souls, the program, which includes meal plans and daily workouts, might be the recharge you need to overcome that one-month resolution hump. And you’ll have a built-in support system.

“We all motivate each other,” Katrina said. “Our community checks in with each other every day on Instagram. Our check-ins, whether they’re sweaty selfies or meal prep check-ins, inspire each other to challenge ourselves. We all comment and encourage each other!” And Karena reassured newcomers that they follow their own advice. “It’s so important to us to have an honest, authentic relationship with our community,” she shared. “We want our community to be a part of our lives and to share our advice on relationships, family, career — every aspect of life that helps women live with passion and purpose.”

With the launch of their new app, which features a seven-day free trial, and a collection at Target, there is no excuse for not getting motivated by Karena and Katrina — and TBH, the workout apparel is really cute. “We’ve always wanted to bring Tone It Up necessities to stores locally to make it even more convenient for women to live their healthy TIU lifestyle,” Katrina said before Karena excitedly added, “We’re so proud of the entire collection! Plus, we have gorgeous new workout gear like booty bands, yoga mats and towels, dumbbells, and kettlebells.”

Make 2018 your best year yet — or at least make it the year you learn to love your body!