Are John Cena and Nikki Bella calling off their wedding?! Fans who thought that the Total Divas spin-off Total Bellas had been canceled can rest assured because E! just confirmed that the show will be returning for Season 3 — the network even released its Spring 2018 return date and trailer, which teases a major issue in Nikki and John's relationship.

In the teaser clip, Nikki and John are sitting on a bed and Nikki is holding onto John's hands as tears stream down her face. "Are we really calling this off?" she asked her fiancée.

What could Nikki and John be calling off? The only thing that comes to mind is their wedding, but fans will just have to wait until spring to find out. Watch the full teaser trailer below and keep scrolling to find out everything we know about Season 3 of Total Bellas so far!

Where will Total Bellas season three be filmed?

In the clip, it looks like they're all moving into a home together again in San Diego, but this time there will be no strict rules like there were during Season 1 when the entire Bella fam moved into John and Nikki's gorgeous Florida mansion.

Is Nikki Bella pregnant?

During a date with her hubby Daniel Bryan, Brie Bella says,"I think she's pregnant." Since Brie wouldn't be talking about herself, there are only three other female Total Bellas stars that she could be talking about and it's safe to say we can rule out Nikki and Brie's mom Kathy Colace. So that leaves two other ladies who could possibly be pregnant: Brie's twin sister Nikki or their sister-in-law Lola Garcia.

Brie gives her sister some tough love.

Brie is definitely protective of Nikki which means she's always keeping tabs on her sister's man! Last season, Brie briefly feuded with her brother-in-law to be because she felt that he wasn't prioritizing their family the way he should have been, and now it sounds like Brie has another issue with John.

"Isn't marriage all about sacrifices?" Nikki asked and Brie responded, "It's about time John starts making some."