It's the end of an era for Toys "R" Us mascot Geoffrey the Giraffe, and our hearts simply can't take it. A viral photo is now making it's way around the Internet, showing the giraffe holding a suitcase and waving goodbye as he bids adieu to his long-lasting career. The remaining Toys "R" Us stores are closing today, June 29, and loyal shoppers are devastated about the news.

The viral photo was taken by Rene Johnpiere, who captured the gut-wrenching moment for Facebook. Of course, there's a lot of people who can't help but feel nostalgic. "Toys 'R' Us has closed down and if Geoffrey the Giraffe with his little suitcase leaving the empty store, and the idea that we have all grown up, and left childhood behind, doesn't bring a tear to your eye, then I can't help you," one commenter wrote via Twitter. "The pic of Geoffrey the Giraffe saying goodbye on the final day of Toys 'R' Us makes me so sad," another added.

It's a lot to process for all of us, since many can't unsee the empty shelves after the store was in business for so many years. "My heart is breaking," Rene captioned her snap of Geoffrey leaving, which has since received more than 300,000 shares on Facebook. She also brought shoppers down memory lane by posting commercials from the last two decades to give closure to all those who cherished Toys "R" Us over the last 70 years.

In another photo, Geoffrey can be seen standing next to a sign that reads: "I guess everyone has grown up. There's no more Toys 'R' Us kids." Some fans couldn't help but give Geoffrey a special shout-out, since the toy store was such a fundamental part of their childhoods. "Goodbye, Geoffrey the Giraffe," one sweetly wrote. "Thank you for everything." The owners of Toys "R" Us reportedly filed for bankruptcy in September 2017 and announced liquidation sales shortly after, but the former toy store kingdom may never be forgotten.