Is anyone suddenly feeling hungry? Lately, it seems like everyone’s talking about their boo in terms of things you want to eat, and even Travis Scott got in on it while complimenting his baby mama, Kylie Jenner, the other day. But instead of going the traditional route and calling her a snack, he had something else in mind. “Meal not a snack,” he commented on one of her recent Instagram pics. 

At first, some fans were like, huh? And to be fair, in a different context it sounds like it could be a joke at Ky’s expense. But the way that Travis is using it actually comes off as a super sweet compliment. Kylie’s not just a snack, she’s a wholeass satisfying, delicious meal — aka so much more. Get it? Plenty of Kylie’s followers did, joining in and joking back that the reality star isn’t just a meal, she’s also a “happy meal.” BTW, that’s now the only compliment we want to get on all of our Instagram thirst traps. 

Lately, we’ve been living for the couple’s PDA. Not only did the young mom show up to the MTV VMAs and support her man while he was performing (even if she did look a little miserable out there in the crowd), they’ve also taken to social media to defend their relationship. “Obviously fake,” Kylie recently commented on a rumor that suggested Travis’s stuff had been moved out of her house after they broke up. “S–t was never moved I never gave anyone tequila.” Oh, yeah, the original source also claimed that makeup mogul had given her dad a bottle of tequila, which was apparently also not true.

They’ve also just been so sweet about their daughter Stormi Webster lately. “I love learning together and just watching him with her,” Kylie said about parenting with Travis. “He’s so good with her and she’s really obsessed with him.” How cute is that? And it’s nothing compared to their pictures with their daughter. 

We’re obsessed. We’ll be the first to admit that we didn’t get the couple at first, but the more we see of them, the more we root for them.