It looks like Travis Scott is still getting used to being accountable to a family. On Aug. 16, he shared a photo of himself getting a new tattoo on his face, and Kylie Jenner‘s reaction seemed a bit too surprised. Maybe Instagram isn’t the *best* way to find out your man is getting his noggin inked?

In the pic, tattoo artist Scott Campbell is leaning over Travis, and carefully drawing one of his signature graphic geometric works of art across the left side of his forehead and down behind his ear. Trav captioned the photo, “Getting tour ready,” and fans thought Kylie might not have been completely aware that those particular preparartions were being made.

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Getting tour ready @scampbell333

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“Baby!!!!” she commented below the photo. Fans were like… wait a second. “Is that a good ‘baby’ or a bad ‘baby’? I might be confused,” said one fan. The rest of the comments seemed split. While some assumed it was bad with comments like, “do y’all not tell each other everything?” others hoped there may be more to the design. “He better be getting your name tattooed on him! Or Stormi’s name!” said one. Another agreed, writing, “is he getting your name tatted?!” 

Others were just straight-up freaked out that he was getting a face tat. “What will Stormi think of her dad when he’s covered in face tattoos?” asked one. To be fair, he’s already got a TON of tattoos covering his hands, arms, chest, stomach, back, and neck, so he’s running out of empty real estate.

Something tells us Kylie probably isn’t too mad or she would do more than just call him “baby” with a lot of exclamation points. We’ll just have to wait and see!