Ummm, okay so Kylie Jenner‘s baby daddy Travis Scott just won himself the title of “Best KarJenner Boyfriend” for life. La Flame treated Kylie like a queen while surprising her with an epic present for her 21st birthday on Aug. 10. And when we say “like a queen,” we mean literally… because he and Stormi gifted her the same kind of vintage car Queen Elizabeth owned!

It appears that Travis gifted Kylie a white Rolls Royce Phantom II, which is not only incredibly old (it was made in 1929), and not only incredibly rare (they only made 1,680), but also incredibly expensive. If you can find one of these bad boys, it’ll set you back at least $400,000, according to car collector marketplace Hemmings. And for how blinged-out Kylie’s is with the fresh white paint, chrome bumper, grill, and wheels, it probably cost more.

Kylie shared several videos of her gift, and it included so much more than just the car. Kylie walked out of the front of her house to see Travis cuddling her baby Stormi, and then noticed that her whole front yard was covered in pink roses. Huge vases with spheres of the flowers also lined her walkway. When she got to the end, she saw the classic car.

The videos were as much a gift to fans as they were to her, as we rarely see Travis on her social media and have never gotten to see so much affection between her baby and baby daddy. It was too darn cute! 

Jordyn Woods recently asked fans on Twitter what to get your best friend when they have everything, and Travis definitely found a way to answer that question. Kylie is about to become a billionaire, and has a huge collection of very fancy cars, so the fact that he was able to find her something so special, rare, and over-the-top is mind-boggling. Enjoy, Ky!