Honestly, who can keep up with the Kardashians at this point? Until about 24 hours ago, we were under the impression that Caitlyn Jenner was basically excommunicated from the family. As it turns out, that’s hardly the case! In fact, on Aug. 9, she made quite the awkward cameo on Kim Kardashian‘s Instagram. 

Basically, the entire KarJenner clan was in rare form at Kylie Jenner‘s 21st birthday party and there’s plenty of Snapchats and Instagram stories to prove it. All of the ladies were dancing, taking pics, and getting their drink on — as Kylie would say, it was “lit.” At one point, Kim’s phone panned to Caitlyn and while she looked stunning, she also looked pretty uncomfortable. 


Kim also added some commentary to the brief clip: “Oh, look it, you guys, the whole gang’s here! The whole family!” Caitlyn seemingly ignored Kim altogether — she didn’t even smile or wave at the camera. Beyond that, the KKW Beauty mogul’s story also showed the matriarch of the family, Kris Jenner, giving a touching speech in honor of Kylie’s special milestone birthday. To our knowledge, Caitlyn wasn’t given the same opportunity. Ouch. 

That said, Kylie did feature her dad on her own Instagram story just a few days prior, so it would appear that there’s no strain in their own relationship. If anything, it’s possible that Kim caught Caitlyn off guard with her little video and that everyone in the fam was getting along smoothly. Here’s hoping that’s the case!

We’re very curious to see if footage of Kris and Caitlyn interacting pops up. After all, the exes haven’t been spotted together in the same room in nearly two years! Both have happily moved with their respective significant others. Kris has been dating her boyfriend, Corey Gamble, since 2014 and there are even rumors that the pair is engaged

As far as Caitlyn’s love life is concerned, she’s reportedly romantically linked to 22-year-old model Sophia Hutchins. At the end of the day, we’re just happy to see that Caitlyn and Kris put aside their differences for Kylie.