A fire broke out on the roof of NYC’s Trump Tower on the morning of Monday, Jan. 8. According to the Huffington Post, the electrical blaze began around 7 a.m. FDNY spokesman Frank Dwyer confirmed to the outlet that President Donald Trump — who completed construction of the 58-story high rise in 1983 — was in Washington, D.C., at the time and not in the building.

Officials stated that a firefighter and a civilian were injured because of the fire, although the injuries were not life-threatening. After more than 70 firefighters responded, the fire was declared under control by 8:15 am. The FDNY later took to Twitter, revealing that the fire started in the building’s rooftop HVAC system.

The cause of the fire — which was first noticed by U.S. Secret Service agents — is still being investigated. In the meantime, social media users are sharing their thoughts about Trump Tower’s rooftop inferno. Naturally, many tweeters couldn’t help but compare the situation to the title of the new controversial Trump tell-all, Fire and Fury: Inside the Trump White House, written by Michael Wolff.

donald trump - getty

(Photo Credit: Getty Images)

“FIRE AND FURY on top of Trump Tower! How fitting. A sign from God,” one wrote, while another added, “Hope Trump likes all the fire and fury happening on top of his tower right now. Lmao.”

Several others likened the current POTUS to the devil while commenting on the fire: “When fire breaks out on the top of Trump Tower because Trump Tower is hell’s current headquarters. Makes sense.” Another noted, “Not surprised that there is currently a fire on top of Trump Tower seeing as it is the home of Satan.”

Others expressed their concern for the safety of Trump and those who were in the tower at the time of the incident. “Even if you hate Trump, let’s all pray that anyone who was in Trump Tower is OK,” one wrote, while another tweeted, “Enough with the jokes. Please remember that there were innocent civilians inside Trump tower who could’ve been hurt.”