They came, they saw, they went right back home. Twins Emily and Haley Ferguson returned to Bachelor in Paradise last week and despite their extremely brief stay, they made a lasting impression with fans thanks to their horrible behavior, which, they admit, they are still regretting.

“Unfortunately, we looked terrible this season. I do wish that we could … I think we went into it and we were expecting it to be very similar to last season. We should have gone into it with a different perspective and a different outlook,” Emily told Us Weekly. Her sister Haley agreed, adding, “We said some really, really awful things that we wish we could take back,” Haley admitted. “So that’s the only thing that we would do differently.” They also revealed they have apologized to their castmates.

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Upon arriving in Mexico, Emily and Haley, both 24, had their eyes set on Dean Unglert and Derek Peth. However, they soon discovered that both of the guys were in relationships, so they “settled” on attorney Jack Stone and Tickle Monster Jonathan Treece. But not without a bit of name calling.

Both girls proceeded to call Danielle Lombard and Taylor Nolan “ugly, shallow whores” and compared D.Lo to a wall — blaming the girls for their failed date invites. To make matters worse, the double date never even happened after Jack canceled at the last minute — prompting the twins to flick off the other contestants and storm off stopping only to toss scallops at Jack, who they also called a “serial killer” repeatedly, and “scallop fingers” Christen Whitney.

Even before the episode aired, the girls issued an apology, with Emily tweeting, “@Hfergie11 and I apologize in advanced America…not the twins you will want to see this episode. We deserve any and all the hate,” and Haley writing, “Mourning the death of my reputation on tonight’s episode of @bachelorinparadise.” Haley went on to add, “Not okay what we said…it was cringeworthy. Never okay to say rude things about someone’s appearance. NEVER.” However, Bachelor Nation definitely delivered on the “hate.”

Jack also threw some shade their way on the show, telling the cameras, “The twins will go home, watch Frozen, and play with their fidget spinners. They’ll be fine.” The twins will be back for the BiP finale on tonight, Monday, Sept. 11 at 8 p.m. on ABC.

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