It looks like there’s still some bad blood between Rachel Lindsay and her former Bachelorette contestant DeMario Jackson. After Rachel took to Twitter earlier this week to throw some serious shade at the friends she made since she became part of Bachelor Nation, DeMario slammed Rachel’s comment and clapped back at her on Instagram.

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“These Bachelor friendships are fickle and fleeting…#loyalty,” the 32-year-old Texas native tweeted on Friday, Sept. 1 and fans immediately started to speculate who she could be talking about. Many of them felt that she was talking to a handful of her pals from both Nick Viall’s season of The Bachelor and her own season of The Bachelorette, who have been spotted hanging out with DeMario after he said some pretty mean things about Rachel.

On Aug. 22, The E & G Podcast released an interview with DeMario and he implied that Rachel was never going to hand her final rose to one of the black contestants on the show. He said that “from the beginning, you knew that she was attracted to white men.” Rachel clapped back at him in the comments of an Instagram post promoting the podcast, writing “Says the guy that dated Lexi. DeMario never knew me and still doesn’t.”

But even after DeMario made his comments about Rachel, her pals Raven Gates, Jasmine Goode, Alexis Waters, were spotted out with DeMario and their hangouts were documented on Instagram. After Rachel tweeted her shade, DeMario posted a photo featuring Dean Unglert and Adam Gottschalk — two of Rach’s former contestants — and defended his pals in the caption.

“Someone said, ‘These Bachelor friendships are fickle and fleeting’ and I disagree. These Bachelor friendships got me through a dark time and I’m grateful for my brothers, sisters, and Bachelor Nation,” he wrote, and then he threw shade at Rach’s relationship with winner Bryan Abasolo. “Hopefully that someone will find real love in paradise next year and stop being petty on social networks.”

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