In with the family? Former Bachelorette contestant Tyler Cameron‘s mom, Andrea Cameron, started following his rumored girlfriend, Gigi Hadid, on Instagram and we’re swooning. The two have frequently been spotted all over the place together and the reality star’s mom hitting the blue button on Instagram could mean that they are taking a step in a more serious direction.

While it’s fully possible that Andrea just loves fashion content, it seems very coincidental that she would start following the 24-year-old model in the midst of her son, 26, spending quite a bit of time with her. This leads to a few more questions: Has Gigi met Tyler’s mom IRL? Did the two have a ~hometown~ date in Jupiter, Florida? Although the pair have been keeping their budding romance under wraps, we’ll take this as a good sign.

Tyler Camerons mom Andrea Cameron Follows Gigi Hadid on Instagram
Courtesy of Andrea Cameron Instagram

Observant fans may have also noticed that there has been a lot of social media connections made lately. Gigi’s younger sister, Bella Hadid, started following Tyler on Instagram earlier this month and the stud also became a new follower of the runway maven’s mom, Yolanda Hadid.

Bella Hadid follows Tyler Cameron on Instagram
Courtesy of Bella Hadid Instagram

We’re still holding our breath waiting for the gorgeous pair to make things publicly official. Tyler literally flew around the world to the Netherlands so he could attend the funeral of Gigi’s grandma. “Tyler is a supportive guy. He is there for the people he cares about and will do whatever he can for them,” a source exclusively told Life & Style about the Florida native jumping on a plane to stand by the model’s side during the difficult time. “Tyler’s the type of guy who will try his best to make someone smile during a tough time. Things seem to be going well, they are definitely enjoying their time together.”

Prior to that somber event, the duo reportedly got very cozy during an afterparty for the MTV Video Music Awards on August 26. “Gigi brought him over to Taylor Swift’s section and they chatted,” a source told Us Weekly about the model and reality stud. “Tyler and Gigi were dancing all night. He had his arms wrapped around her and was kissing the back of her neck. They were inseparable.” We’re not sure who we’re more jealous of at this point.

Gigi spends a lot of time traveling for different shows, photoshoots and work opportunities but luckily the ABC star has been looking for an apartment in the Big Apple, which would make him conveniently close to the blonde bombshell.

We can’t wait to see what’s next from these two!