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Untangling the Complicated Web of Hookups and Breakups on ‘Vanderpump Rules’

Any Vanderpump Rules fan knows that, when it comes to relationships on the show, it gets a little, well, complicated. It appears the employees at SUR just can’t stop dating, cheating, and hooking up with each other. And now that the show is in its sixth season, the complex network of “who has slept with whom” just keeps getting more and more complicated to the point that even we get confused. Seriously, how many conquests has Jax Taylor had alone? Spoiler alert: a LOT. You have to admit, it’s all a little insane. But hey, isn’t that why we all love this show? It’s nothing if not dramatic, that’s for sure. Below, a quick refresher on the multiplex world of Vanderpump Rules hookups.