When two refuse to become one! Notorious girl group the Spice Girls are set to turn up the UK for their reunion tour this summer, but one particular Spice won’t be joining the group for this big moment. According to The Mirror, band member Mel B fears that an old joke about fellow former bandmate Victoria Beckham might be the reason she’s staying far away from the group.

In 2016, Mel B reportedly told a podcast called Allegedly, “She’s just a little bit of a b—h to people.” Way to be blunt about it, girl. But Scary Spice also added, “But she is down to earth with a great sense of humor.”

victoria beckhan snubs spice girl reunion after mel b joke
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Despite the positive side to her comment, a source reportedly says Mel B feels responsible for Victoria’s absence from their touring plans. “Mel thought the ‘b—h’ comment was the end of the line after years of stresses and strained times between them.” Another source spoke a little more definitively, stating that “from that point, Mel and Victoria really had nothing much to say to one another.”

It seems that Posh and Scary have had their disagreements for a while now, mainly regarding rumored Spice Girls reunions in the past. Allegedly, Mel B has been all talk about previous reunions and it aggravated Victoria to no end. “Mel felt she was being frozen out because Victoria had a sense of humor failure but Victoria just saw her as a liability. And publicly it looked that way for two years with Mel continually talking about Spice reunions and then nothing happened,” a source spoke on the drama.

victoria beckham snubs spice girl reunion after mel b joke

Mel B also reportedly kept forcing Victoria into the mix by insisting she was joining the group for reunion shows. Just last week, she added fuel to the fire by insisting Victoria was joining them over the summer, according to the Daily Mail. Victoria, of course, came and reportedly denied the claim. The source added, “That was Mel cheekily poking the bear again.”

While it used to be all fun and Girl Power for the five legendary ladies of this group, it seems as though times have changed and so have friendships. But we still have the reunion tour to look forward to and it won’t be long before we can spice up our lives with Mel B, Emma, Mel C, and Geri! You’ll be missed, Mrs. Beckham.