She’s not interested in a half-a–ed reunion! For years, Melanie Chisholm aka Sporty Spice has been against the idea of a Spice Girls reunion. But on Oct. 20, a report claims that she’ll team up with her former bandmates to make sweet music once again… but only if they follow her rules. Maybe Scary, Baby, and Ginger didn’t really, really want an ultimatum from Mel C, but they’re going with it!

The Sun reports that Mel C straight-up demanded that Melanie Brown, Emma Bunton, and Geri Horner take singing lessons before appearing on stage together again. That may sound like some shade… but apparently it isn’t. Mel C just realizes that they might be a little rusty after not singing together in a decade, and if she’s going to do this, she’s going to do it right.


Not only does Mel want the vocals to be perfect, she wants the instrumentals to be out of this (Spice) world. She’s reportedly also planning to oversee all of the live musical arrangements for the tour, and they might sound a little different than you remember them. That’s because Mel wants to update the instrumentals for 2019, and give us a fresh take on our old faves. That sounds pretty awesome to us!

One thing that doesn’t sound as good? The fact that Posh Spice herself Victoria Beckham still isn’t interested in the reunion. Even Mel C potentially signing on hasn’t been able to sway her so far. And can you blame her? We probably wouldn’t want to tour the world away from our incredibly hot, athletic husband and four stunning children, either.

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It’s been ten years since the Spice Girls’ last tour together, and fans still haven’t give up hope for a reunion. After three tours in the nineties, the girls reunited in 2007-2008 for their “Return of the Spice Girls” tour. Since then, they have only performed together once: at the 2012 London Olympics, and even then, they had been skeptical. Still, fans ate it up, and it only left them wanting more!