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In Case You Forgot, Posh Spice Was a Bit of a Hot Mess 10 Years Ago

Through the years, Victoria Beckham (or otherwise known as her Spice Girl name, Posh Spice) has built a reputation for being an elusive fashion powerhouse, much like Anna Wintour. She struts down the red carpet, never smiling, with a sense of style superiority. And honestly, up until now, we kind of loved her for it. After all, she's worked hard over these many years she's been in the spotlight, isn't afraid to admit that she didn't have the best voice in the Spice Girls, and has a dry sense of humor when you peel back the layers.

But when news broke that Victoria was pulling out of the 2018 Spice Girls reunion tour everyone got their hopes up about, we were a bit bothered. For one, the 43-year-old has always acted like she was above the group. It was all a part of her "posh" shtick. The other band members would jump around on stage and the soon-to-be Mrs. Beckham would stand away from the group, stone-faced, looking like she didn't want to be there. We all thought she was "in" on this ongoing joke, but maybe it wasn't a joke at all. Maybe Victoria really thought the group was beneath her in a way — and if that's the case, she needs a wake-up call.

Although she's a fashion mega-mogul these days, Victoria has had her fair share of hot messes that she probably thinks we've all forgotten about. She might not realize it, but the Internet never forgets. Victoria, sweetheart, you're not above the Spice Girls, and you know why? Because you used to dress like this. Below, a look back at her sloppiest fashion choices.