As fans of The Fast & the Furious franchise know, after Paul Walker‘s untimely death in November 2013, his younger brother Cody stepped in to help complete filming on Furious 7, which was still in production. “[Producers] soon realized they needed someone who looked like Paul to finish the movie and that’s when they approached his nearly identical brother, Cody,” a source told Daily Mail at the time.

Although Cody, 29, didn’t return to the role of Brian O’Conner in 2017’s The Fate of the Furious, people are curious to know more about the actor, who made his big-screen debut in the 2013 low-budget horror film Abandoned Mine. Scroll down for more info about Paul’s youngest sibling.

What is Cody Walker’s date of birth?

Cody was born on June 13, 1988, in Los Angeles County. He is the youngest of five, and graduated from the University of California, Santa Barbara. Based on old images, it would appear that Cody has always been his bro’s lookalike, given that they share the same piercing blue eyes.

paul walker cody walker getty images

Cody and Paul in 2003.

What movies has Cody Walker been in?

After he was credited as Paul’s stand-in for Furious 7, Cody went on to make USS Indianapolis: Men of Courage with Nicolas Cage in 2016, according to IMDb. He also appeared in an episode of the TV comedy In the Rough. This year, he’ll star in the horror film The Tunche.

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Is Cody Walker married?

Cody and girlfriend Felicia Knox held their wedding in Oregon on Aug. 15, 2015. “Today is the day. I’m getting married people! #walkerdowntheaisle #luckyman,” he tweeted at the time, though added that it was “going to be really tough” without Paul there.

Who is Caleb Walker?

Like his brother, Caleb also stood in for Paul on the set of Furious 7. In an interview, the siblings talked about the difficult experience. “We got to understand more about Paul, and what he was all about,” Caleb told Entertainment Tonight. “We had to share Paul with a lot of people, in a weird way. He was gone a lot, he was filming, so we missed him. Sometimes at the holidays he wasn’t always there, you know? He tried. We’d see him on set, we visited a few times, but to kind of get that closure, and understanding [of] Paul was really special.”