Get ready to swoon, ladies!

A video has emerged of an adorable preteen Ryan Gosling showing off his incredible dance skills in a pair of MC Hammer parachute pants. Best. Monday. EVER.

Giving us yet another reason to love him — like we needed one! — a 12-year-old Ryan proves he has always been smooth as he makes mischievous eyes at the audience and shows off his silky moves.

Wearing a bright purple shirt to complement his parachute pants, the young Gos is accompanied by seven (lucky) girls at what appears to be a dance recital. The group perform to a dance mix of the 90s track "Touch Me" by Cathy Dennis. We'd love to know what his baby mama Eva Mendes thinks about this!

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After Twitter had a minor meltdown over the vid and producer Jane Chupick gave him the heads up, 34-year-old Ryan shared his own verdict on his performance, tweeting: