It’s about to be a tear fest! In a preview clip of an upcoming episode of Keeping Up with the KardashiansKim Kardashian delivered amazing news to Alice Johnson through a phone call and her reaction is simply too much to handle.

Alice Johnson is a first-time, non-violent drug offender who had already completed 20 years of her time and was serving life sentence in prison. A few months ago, Kim heard about this and decided to team up with Alice and President Donald Trump in hopes of granting Alice her freedom. On June 6, 2018, Alice was granted clemency and it was all thanks to a video that Kim stumbled upon, which compelled her to use her platform to lend a hand. Six months later, viewers finally get to see how she delivered the news to Alice.

The 38-year-old reality star was in full makeup glam for a photo shoot when she decided to get in touch with Alice via a phone call that went through their lawyers first. Thankfully, Kim had the whole conversation on speaker phone, capturing every detail of this grand moment. After the reality star and their respective attorneys had a celebratory convo, Alice was handed the phone. When they told her Kim was waiting on the phone for her, her tone of voice changed in complete excitement. “This is Kim?!” shouted Alice.

“I cannot believe it. We did it,” said the beauty mogul. It turns out Alice hadn’t been told yet because she was confused. “Huh? What happened?” she responded to Kim. “We did it! You don’t know? Oh my gosh, Alice, you’re out!” Kim told Alice just before there were screams and heavy crying heard over the phone. BRB, we’re sobbing.

Kim was seen trying hard to keep it together, but her attempt failed because her eyes got really watery. TBH, same! “I’m sorry. I thought you knew,” she continued. “The news just broke. The president just called me and he told me that you are out. He signed the papers. It’s been released to the press. Everything.”

Despite the fact that this happened months ago, Alice is still emotional and overjoyed thanks to Kim. She recently quote tweeted the clip and said, “I’m crying watching this clip! It’s still so surreal that I’m free. I love you Kim!!!” to which Kim quote tweeted with three red heart emojis.

The mom-of-three also revealed that KUWTK’s camera crew wasn’t even around when she found out the news. It turns out her makeup artist, Mario, recorded the whole thing on a phone. It’s a good thing because this just made our day — and hopefully yours, too!