There’s no denying that Randall Pearson captures audiences hearts every week on NBC’s This Is Us. The adopted son (played by Sterling K. Brown) brings genuine heart to the “Big Three.” Now, Sterling isn’t only getting attention from his moving portrayal — but, fans also want to know more about his character… like what does Randall do for a living?

It’s not surprising that viewers are curious what Randall does because his intelligence and successful career have been important parts of his character since the beginning of the show. When he first visited his biological father, William, in Season 1, he made a point to mention how he paid $143,000 for his car just because he “felt like it.”

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When the show started, Randall worked as a weather trader in NYC, which he admitted is difficult to explain. But, weather derivatives are financial tools used by organizations as a part of risk management strategy to reduce risk associated with unexpected weather conditions.

According to Chron, traders can earn an average base salary of $100,000 to $150,000. While traders with more experience can have average base salaries of $200,000 to $350,000. Since Randall was a partner at his firm, we can guess that he was making the higher end of the more experienced trader salary — and that doesn’t even include commission!

But, as viewers witnessed earlier in the show, Randall quit his job after William died. The firm he had been working at for 10 years sent him a standard letter and a box of pears (clearly clueless to the fact that he’s allergic).

So, now we’re not sure what he’s doing for work — but he’s still a trained weather trader. Now, at least it makes sense how he is able to afford his beautiful home in the affluent Alpine, NJ town!