MTV's Jersey Shore Family Vacation revival has us binge-watching the original Jersey Shore and remembering some of the "also-rans" in the reality stars' love lives, like The Situation's ex Paula and Vinny's former flame Ramona. But fans are also wondering what happened to "Danielle the Stalker," one of multiple "stage five clingers" Pauly D has encountered.

(For the record, it sounds like we'll meet even more of these women in Family Vacation, as Pauly told Life & Style exclusively on April 4. "[My stalkers] popped up, and there are new ones," he said. "I don't know why, but I attract a lot of stalkers. It's pretty wild.")

On the show, at least, Danielle throws off serious Fatal Attraction vibes. After they meet in Season 1, she gives Pauly an "I Heart Jewish Girls" T-shirt, tries to persuade him to go with her to Israel, and — according to Pauly — follows him to a DJ gig in Rhode Island. In Season 3, she reappears, throwing a drink in Pauly's face. But when she and Pauly cross paths again three episodes later, they declare a truce. He even takes her home, where he reveals he still has the T-shirt she gave him. But Pauly's housemates mock her, and she leaves in a huff.

We haven't heard anything about Danielle in recent years, but a now-offline Jewish Journal post gives us something of an epilogue to her story. Danielle's mother, Miriam, said that MTV had thrown Danielle's life into a tailspin and that the fam was hoping to get an attorney to sue MTV for defamation of character. The edit Danielle got on Jersey Shore wasn't just inaccurate, Miriam said, it was ruinous. She claimed Danielle had left New Jersey for Israel, never to return. (As Jewish Journal noted, though, Danielle's timing was unfortunate: She moved to Israel just before the first season of Jersey Shore was set to air there.)

Here's what we didn't see on MTV, according to Miriam: When Pauly D met Danielle, he told her, "We are going to have the same last name one day." (Danielle DelVecchio has a certain ring to it, right?) She gave him that much-maligned "I Heart Jewish Girls" shirt only because he had given her an "I Heart Italian Guys" bracelet the day before. Pauly pursued her for weeks, taking her out on dates, visiting the store where she worked, even meeting Miriam. And when he realized Danielle wasn't going to sleep with him, he branded her a stalker.

If what Miriam said is true, Danielle doesn't deserve her "stalker" reputation. Maybe she'll show up on Jersey Shore Family Vacation to clear her name. Then again, maybe following Pauly D to Miami Beach isn't the best tactic…