We wouldn't be surprised if Ronnie Ortiz-Magro never again ordered French fries off a menu. "French Fries" is what Ronnie's Jersey Shore Family Vacation co-stars called Antonia, the French woman with whom he crossed the line during his just-ended relationship with baby mama Jen Harley.

One glimpse at Antonia’s Instagram is enough to understand why Jen would be salty over this particular French fry. Antonia has dubbed herself the “French barbie” and TBH, it’s a perfect descriptor. With long blonde hair and curves for days, the only thing she’s missing is a Mattel sticker.


In addition to her good looks, the Miami native is living quite the life. Her Instagram page is full of lavish dinners, designer clothes, and classy parties! It’s sort of a mystery how Ronnie managed to snag her attention. But snag her attention, he did!


As we saw on the MTV show, Ronnie and Antonia met at the club and started dancing together, with Ronnie apparently forgetting all about his girlfriend. ("Single Ronnie is in the building," observed Paul "Pauly D" DelVecchio.) Then Ronnie took her home and did something with her behind closed doors. It wasn't long before he regretted the encounter, sobbing and lamenting he "crossed the line" with Antonia. He had to check in with Jen, especially because videos of him and his French fling had already hit social media.

"Ron is trying to run away from this reality that he did last night, but now that there's video evidence, there's no running from it and there's no deflecting," Vinny Guadagnino said on the show. "It is what it is."

Feeling guilty over "one drunken mistake," Ronnie called Jen… But didn't tell her everything. "It's going to be hard to fix the damage that I've caused,” he later admitted. "I'm not happy right now. I've got to deal with this s–t, this regret. It's more of a disappointment in myself … I feel guilt. I disrespected Jen, and it doesn't feel good because I've done it before with Sam, and I keep saying I've grown up, but have I really? … I know that I want to be in a relationship. But what I'm saying right now and the way I acted the other night are two completely different things."

The tension spiked as Jen booked a trip to visit Ronnie in Miami. "Jen's arriving today, and I'm excited to see her,” he said on the show. "But I'm nervous for her to meet the roommates because I just don't want them telling Jen about French Fries."

When Jen arrived, Ron's castmembers were gracious hosts and they all sat down for a family dinner which also included a little roasting. Jen felt comfortable enough with Ron's friends that she roasted Mike by calling him "The Incarceration" and not "The Situation" and poking fun at his legal issues, which then prompted Mike's reaction — which was to allude to Ron's cheating scandal. At the time, Jen didn't know any of the details of what happened between him and Antonia.

"Just pass the french fries," Mike said, and luckily for Ron, the joke went right over Jen's head. Be sure to read up on Ronnie and Jen's relationship status and tune in to MTV on Thursdays at 8 p.m. ET to watch the rest of the fallout on Jersey Shore Family Vacation.