With Deadliest Catch Season 14 in full swing, you might have noticed that Captain Josh Harris’ brother, Jake Harris, has yet to make a return to the series. As it turns out, it’s all for the best.

In an interview with Yahoo, Josh explained that his brother is “doing better,” and “working on getting things fixed in his personal life.” What things, you ask? Plenty! For about a two-year stretch, the 32-year-old had a string of bad luck that nearly cost him his freedom — and his life.

According to Inquisitr, it all began in 2016 when Jake had a dangerous encounter with a pair of thieves who ended up brutally assaulting him and leaving him to die on the side of the freeway. Jake sustained several serious head injuries and ended up in the ICU.

jake and josh harris

Shortly thereafter, after being accused of stealing a female friend’s car, Jake was arrested for possession of drugs and vehicular charges. The icing on top of the cake, however, was that he didn’t show up for his court appearance and thusly, had a warrant out for his arrest.

Now that some time has passed, Josh seems hopeful at the prospect of his brother’s return, though nothing has been confirmed by Discovery Channel or Jake himself. “I think my brother is ready to pull his head out of his tuchus. If that happens, we’ll be here with open arms,” Josh commented. Here’s hoping Jake continues to keep his life in order and make his way back to the high seas. After all, he was a fan-favorite!