No 2011 party was complete without "Party Rock Anthem" and "Sexy and I Know It" on the playlist! The hitmaking group behind those jams, LMFAO, totally owned that year. But then, tragedy stuck. The uncle-and-nephew duo decided to go on an indefinite hiatus, and six years later they still haven't reunited. So, what happened to RedFoo (Stefan Kendal Gordy) and SkyBlu (Skyler Austen Gordy)? Read on to find out!

RedFoo has always done more than just shuffle. He actually pursued professional tennis when he was a teenager, and turned to music after a serious injury. Well, now he's getting back into tennis. "Jack Sock is the No. 1 tennis player in America right now and we hung out recently," he told Forbes recently. "He had heard about my forehand, so now he wants to play a doubles tournament and is planning on enrolling us professionally to play together." Very cool!

On a personal level, RedFoo has done a lot of self-discovery during a recent year off from touring. He fell in love with a chef named Jasmine Alkouri, and they're both living a vegan lifestyle now. They even grow plants in their Malibu back yard to eat! "I'm really into sustainability and going green and I even recently built an electric bike," he said. "We have three dogs, the St. Bernard, and two Great Danes. We are currently building out the backyard to grow our own food, our own tomatoes, potatoes. Our vegan dogs love that."

But what about music? Don't worry, he still does that, thought it feels like more of a job than it used to. "I have to go back on tour this year after taking time for myself, but I kinda just want to sit at home," he says. He's travelling all around the world, and his new single "Everything I Need" is a total bop.

On the other hand, nephew SkyBlu is all about his music. He goes by 8ky 6lu now (which is pronounced the same) and last year he released an album titled Chaos to Consciousness. While he's still plugging away at music, he suffered some major setbacks during and after his time in LMFAO. And he blamed it all on his uncle in a 2016 Facebook rant.

"I've been wanting to speak my truth about this whole LMFAO situation for a looooooooong time," he began. "Out of respect to our family I kept it all to myself. I woke up this morning excited to plan the release of my album that has been 2 years in the making, but then I get a call from my lawyer telling me you say you own all my LMFAO royalties. The way you belittle people and your crazy power trips was some of the main reasons our relationship as family and partnership has greatly suffered." He went on to explain that he was injured in 2012, and Red just ditched him, playing shows, edging him out, and never even checking on him. "As someone who really cared, loved, and had your back this really hurt…..I mean…your my uncle!! My blood!!! You even kept touring as LMFAO and made a lot of money doing it. You never once called me to ask me how I was recovering you just kept shuffling everyday without me. I really loved you, I looked up to you man, but the more successful we got, the more you wanted control." We hope one day they can finally reunite!